HTC One dual SIM with microSD card slot announced in the UK

HTC One dual SIM with microSD card slot announced in the UK

If there’s one annoyance we have with handset makers it’s the fact that they pretty much never make dual SIM versions of their high-end smartphones. That could change now with HTC deciding to launch such version of its flagship model, HTC One. That phone has been announced for the UK though we hope to see it hitting markets all across Europe.

And there’s more. You see, the HTC One dual SIM not only allows you to connect to two different networks at once, but also rocks a much-needed microSD card slot. This in turn allows you to beef-up internal storage with microSD cards of up to 64GB.

The Taiwanese company pitches the new device to students and frequent travelers who want to stay connected to their local network while travelling to other countries.

The HTC One dual SIM is available now for pre-order for £494.99 (about $809) via the official HTC Store. The company is “in advanced talks” with a number of networks and retailers to offer the handset direct to consumer and business customers.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Friggin’ finally. Now if they could also give a Snapdragon 800-powered version, that would be even better.

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