Samsung opens its first R&D centre in Canada

Samsung opens its first R&D centre in Canada

Samsung is opening its first R&D centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The new facility will focus on developing Samsung’s enterprise security solutions, while also providing global technical support for the company’s B2B customers.

“Our new Canadian Samsung R&D facility is creating jobs in British Columbia, a hub for technology innovation,” said HT Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Canada. “With a skilled Canadian talent base to draw from, the team will help Samsung continue to lead the industry – both at home and abroad – by driving product innovation.”

Operations at the Samsung R&D Institute Canada began earlier this year. Today, it employs some 60 software engineers, designers and operations staff.

Samsung invests heavily in R&D globally, in 2012 employing 67,000 and spending US $10.8 billion on the development of future technologies. The new Canadian Samsung R&D Centre complements Samsung’s 33 R&D centres worldwide, including in the UK, U.S., China, Russia, India, Japan, Israel and China.

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