Stephen Elop won’t be the next Microsoft CEO?

Stephen Elop won't be the next Microsoft CEO?

Former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop may not be the next Microsoft CEO with Redmond giant’s board favoring Ford CEO Alan Mulally and its own Satya Nadella as the most likely candidates to supersede Steve Ballmer.

Elop hasn’t been completely discounted as candidate, with Bloomberg sources saying the situation could change and some other people could also be considered for the role. It’s worth reminding that before leaving Microsoft for Nokia, Elop was the president of the company’s business division. And the mobile-related experience he gained at Nokia gotta count for something in the years to come.

As for two candidates mentioned above, here’s what we know:

Mullaly gets the credit for saving Ford from a US government bailout in 2009, and he could be the one changing fortunes at Microsoft in the mobile (and search?) market(s). Nadella, on the other hand, heads Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise division, and has all the right senior management experiences that would make him suitable for the step up to CEO.

At its recent years, Ballmer was more focused on Microsoft-made devices such as the Surface tablet and Xbox gaming console, and offering software over the internet. In the mobile space, during his tenure – Windows Mobile was revamped from the ground-up to Windows Phone in order to better compete with iOS and Android. And while we can see some progress has been made, Windows Phone device makers still wait for some serious profits…

[Via: MobileWorldLive]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Why not? He pretty much fucked-up Nokia to get this job. Who’s better qualified? 🙂

    • symbolset

      It’s a head fake, to make it look like he wasn’t promised the job before he took over Nokia. He knows where the bodies are buried. He’s got a lock on it.

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