Verizon’s DROID Ultra and DROID Mini now available in white

Verizon's DROID Ultra and DROID Mini now available in white

Two of Verizon’s DROID phones are now available in white – DROID Ultra and DROID Mini. And we’re not talking about devices that only have white back or front covers; these phones are completely white, making them look that much better.

For some reason the DROID Maxx didn’t get the same treatment and we doubt it has something to do with its bigger battery. Perhaps that model wasn’t that popular after all.

Alas, both white phones are now available from Verizon’s web store: DROID Ultra could be yours for $99 with a two-year contract or for $449.99 sans any strings attached. The DROID Mini, on the other hand, is going for $49.99 and $399.99 with and without contract, respectively. But you would be crazy to get any of the two through Verizon’s store. If you like these phones, you should get them from Amazon, which is selling the DROID Ultra for $19.99, and DROID Mini for $0.01. These prices require two-year contracts, of course…

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