Google’s Niantic Labs Brings New Features to Field Trip For iOS and Android

Google’s Niantic Labs is probably most well known for their augmented reality game Ingress, but the hard-working team has their grubby hands in more pots than one. Niantic’s virtual tour guide¬†Field Trip has been updated, bringing users on iOS and Android a slew of new features. Here are the features that Niantic Labs has packed into the new version of Field Trip for iOS and Android:

  • Publisher Preview Functionality – A new publisher preview function allows users to preview content and learn about the unique content each publisher offers
  • Redesigned Layout – The refreshed layout gives easy access to the Recent, Nearby, Favorites and Map tab with a unified bottom bar
  • Drawers – The introduction of left/right drawers makes key settings easy to navigate, access and set
  • Map View Updates – Map view will aggregate multiple cards when users zoom out to scan a larger area

The new features and layout will let users enjoy the discovery of relevant locations and stories, making being a tourist more fun than ever.

Field Trip has even partnered with over 135 publishers to provide the best location and event data available. Field Trip can help you find the hottest underground parties, nightclubs and indie film screenings. Field Trip added the following partners in November:

  • SF Arts Commission
  • Gator Preservationist
  • Madrid Diferente
  • Secretos de Madrid
  • Curiosities Book Series
  • Amsterdam Foodie
  • Carpe Durham
  • Andy Haler
  • Around the Block KC
  • Thrilling and Filling
  • Your Little Black Book
  • Geschichtsspuren
  • Hoop LA
  • Arizona Hiking

If you haven’t started using Field Trip, now is the time. Download the app today and get to exploring!

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