Humpday Funnies: Smooth McGroove’s Acapella Video Game Song Covers Are Pure Magic

Here I am, thinking I’ve seen everything there is to see when along comes Smooth McGroove, changing my life forever. (Thanks, Kotaku!) The mysterious bearded man who goes by Smooth McGroove on YouTube, and believe you me, he lives up to the name. Mr. McGroove has created some fabulous acapella renditions of retro game songs, all delivered through a snazzy YouTube video showing Smooth from every glorious angle possible, while footage from the game is displayed in a neat rectangle betwixt a sea of beards. From Street Fighter 2 to Sonic 2 to panty-dropper Final Fantasy 7, Mc Groove has picked the hottest jams from our collective childhood.  It’s enough to make your nether regions tingle. In a good way, of course.

The bearded songsmith must be some sort of mystical creature, imbued with the power to make any retro video game fan want to propose marriage instantly. Smooth isn’t limited to video game song covers, either. Smooth covers Girls by trippy indie rockers Animal Collective, an acapella experience that will transport you to the outer regions of the audible spectrum.

Ok, I’m not really sure what that means either, so quit listening to me and check out some select acapella renditions below.

Did I mention beard envy? Because I’ve got that now too. Enjoy!

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