Motorola Sells All Allotted Moto X Units Within Minutes Of Cyber Monday Deal Extension

If you’ve been following the unfolding saga of Motorola’s Moto X Cyber Monday deal, than you know that the company is currently doing a bit of damage control. Motorola offered $150 off of any Moto X unit purchased on their website, beginning Monday, December 2nd, or Cyber Monday. Well, Motorola’s website couldn’t handle the overwhelming traffic and hungry customers were left in the cold, unable to purchase their Moto X smartphones. Talk about a MotoFail!

In lieu of the massive screw up, Dennis Woodside, Motorola¬†Mobility CEO, issued a huge “Sorry” and announced that Motorola would extend the deal, offering $150 off of a Moto X on two dates, December 4th and December 9th, until allotted units were sold out. The sale began this morning, and the allotted units were sold out within minutes. Well hello, Moto!

That’s good news for Motorola, and maybe not such good news for you. But the sale will begin again on December 9th, which will also include 30% off of Moto X accessories. To make sure users can take their time to customize their phones via the MotoMaker customization tool, Motorola was handing out promo codes that ensured the $150 off deal. We can expect the same protocol to extend to their next sale day, December 9th. So if you’re planning on grabbing a Moto X on that day, make sure to have your fingers at the ready for some fast and furious clicking.

The mania begins December 9th at noon EST.

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