Nor Cal NVIDIA Shield Owners Can Now Test Drive the GRID Cloud Gaming Service

NVIDIA Shield owners sure are a lucky bunch. Not content with a recent update which brought 1080p streaming of PC games, NVIDIA has stepped up their game by giving an extremely fortunate set of Shield owners the ability to test NVIDIA’s GRID cloud gaming service. The GRID made its debut at GTC last year in San Jose, CA promising to take over the cloud based gaming world. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsen Huang proudly proclaimed, referring to devices, “if we can’t light them all, we can stream to the rest of them.” Shield owners who live in Northern California, specifically around the San Jose area, can now try out the GRID, provided they have a few pieces of hardware and a bitchin’ internet connection.

In order to try out the GRID, Shield owners must possess a GameStream ready 5GHz WiFi router, an internet connection with at least a 10Mbps download speed and ping time of lower than 40ms.

If you reside outside of beautiful Northern California, you are welcome to give the GRID a go, although it may not work so smoothly for you. NVIDIA has provided a GRID beta app however, which will quickly determine if you are worthy of testing out the GRID. The app should already be installed on your Shield if you received the most recent update. If not, the app is available on the Google Play Store and will quickly determine if you are worthy of testing out the GRID.

So go for it! Let us know if the GRID works for you, and how it is.

[Via: Engadget]

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