Smart wearable device shipments to approach 130 million by 2018

Smart wearable device shipments to approach 130 million by 2018

The smart wearable device shipments, including smart watches and glasses, will approach 130 million by 2018, according to Juniper Research. The figure, which is 10 times more than this year, will be reached thanks to heightened consumer awareness on wearable technology and a better visibility of product adoption.

The research firm contends that the market attractiveness of wearable technology has led to the emergence of a host of players competing against each other. However, this market is set to become a crowded place, and Juniper believes that all these players will have a unique opportunity to take advantage of relevant and specific categories or sub segments.

The report anticipates that over time several changes will occur to the smart wearable device market, partly as a result of developments in the app model and embedded cellular connectivity. For example, FiLIP smart watch for children offers clear benefits to parents, and comes with an up-front device price and an on-going monthly plan.

Developers will also be able to benefit from the rise of the smart wearables market, launching apps across the health, fitness, sports and communications segments.

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