Vote for Your Favorite Android Games and Apps – Google Player’s Choice Awards!

2013 has been a big year for the Android ecosystem. Android gaming really came into its own in a major way this year, and started to catch up with iOS. A ton of excellent productivity, photography and other types of apps made their way to Google’s platform too. Now Google Play is offering you a chance to choose your favorites!

The Google Play “Player’s Choice Awards” aims to give accolades to some fan favorite apps and games for Android devices. The voting is broken up into categories such as “Most Addictive Games” and “Best Apps for Booking and Buying”. You can select your faves from these categories. Allow me to make a humble suggestion, in the Franchise Games category, there’s a certain speedy, blue hedgehog who could use your support!

Google announced the Awards on it the Google+ account for the Google Play Store (is that enough Google for you?). Check out the categories!

What are the top apps and games of 2013? Help us decide in our first-ever Players’ Choice Awards, where you’ll vote for your favorite apps and games of the year: The winning apps and games, as chosen by you, will be featured on Google Play, so start voting!

Here’s a peek at this year’s categories:

  • Old School, Still Cool: The Best Franchise Games
  • I Can’t Quit You: Most Addictive Games
  • Lights, Camera, Games! Best Games Based on Movies
  • Quietly Brilliant: Best Apps for Enhancing the Everyday
  • At Your Service: Best Apps for Booking and Buying

To cast your votes, head on over to the Player’s Choice Awards site here.

Sound off in the comments! What apps can’t you live without? Which game ruled your 2013? What did Google miss?

[Via: Google]

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