Foursquare for iOS gets major design overhaul in 7.0 update

Foursquare just keeps getting better and better. The popular location-based mobile app has rolled out a new update that better fits Apple’s iOS 7 user interface. Version 7.0 brings a slew of brand new features to the forefront, including more proactive recommendations.

Once you launch the application on your iPhone you’ll notice a significant change in how things are presented. For example, the home screen looks completely different as the feed of check-ins, split into ‘Worldwide’ and ‘Nearby’, now takes up the entire screen — no more annoying map and trending events or check-ins to muck things up.

In addition to those customizations, users can expect to see push notification pop-up on their lock screen with a tip or recommendation based on their current location, their check-in history and the activity of their friends on Foursquare.

With just a quick tug on your feed, the home screen can also show a small space for tips and trending locations, as well as shortcut for viewing a map of nearby friends.

We knew through every update that Foursquare was becoming more and more social, now 7.0 puts it over the top with that goal. Recommendations could be cool, but they can also be disastrous if not implemented correctly. The idea to put in the push notifications showing the activities of your friends, brings a social element that Facebook hasn’t done as seamless yet — is cool. I haven’t had the time to really feel out the new features so I’ll reserve judgement about 7.0 until then.

Tell us what you think about Foursquare 7.0?

Via iTunes App Store

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