iPhone 5S in 24 Karat Gold!

If the little tiny bit of champagne gold coloring on the iPhone 5s isn’t fancy enough for you, Gold Genie might just have what you need. If you need to announce to the world that you’ve arrived, nothing is classier than a 24 karat gold iPhone. This beauty can be yours for just $3,300!

This iPhone 5s functions exactly the same as a regular iPhone 5S, it just has the added feature of making you look ridiculous! The gold device comes with a black or white front casing, and includes the iPhone 5S’ Touch ID pad. It runs iOS 7 and features a 64 bit processor. It just has all of those things encased in beautiful, lustrous, shimmering GOLD!

The iPhone 5s comes unlocked for all networks and is available in Rose Gold and Platinum as well. You can get yours from Gold Genie now!

[Via: Gold Genie]


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