PS4 – Gamers Have Used the Share Button 6.5 Million Times Since the Console’s Launch!

One of the big features of Sony’s new Playstation 4 is the ease of sharing to social media. Along with some ergonomic tweaks and a touch pad, the Dualshock 4 got a “Share” button right on the face of the controller itself. Today Sony announced that PS4 users have hit the share button 6.5 Million times already!

Sony Europe announced the statistic with a tweet:

The stat says little about the actual success of Sony’s new PS4, much like Microsoft’s random Xbox One game stats released yesterday. But the announcement does show that the Share button is being used, and social media sharing of gaming content is happening in a major way. 6.5 Million gamers have shared pics, vids, stats and more using Twitter, Facebook, Twitch and other social platforms.

Sony’s PS4 launched in North America on Nov. 15th, and on Nov. 29th in much of Europe. The console is nigh sold-out after moving more than 2.1 Million units as of Tuesday. Sony’s main competitor Microsoft has yet to release overall numbers for its Xbox One launch, but both consoles moved over 1 Million units on their first days.

[Via: Playstation Europe]

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