The Evolution of Playstation and Xbox Controllers in GIFs

Because animated GIFs make everything better, here are a couple to welcome you to Friday!  The Console Wars are upon us and both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 have come out of the gate with re-designed controllers. You can watch the latest models morph from their humble beginnings right here!

The good folks at Gadget Love created these beautiful GIFs, showing the changes and advancements Sony and Microsoft have made to the inputs for their flagship consoles over the years. It’s a really cool way to see innovation visualized!

The Playstation 4 brings with it the Dualshock 4, the latest in the Dualshock line that began late in the PS1’s lifespan. It makes major change to the design for the first time. The button layout that Playstation fans have known and loved remains more or less the same. But the Dualshock 4 changed up the shape quite a bit, and added the touch pad and Share button.

The Xbox One‘s controller design is much less of an overhaul from the Xbox 360’s. The 360 controller was considered nearly perfect by many, so this isn’t much surprise. The new controller has an even better feel in the hand but maintains the basic layout and style of the Xbox 360’s much-loved gamepad. It’s great to see the original Xbox’s humongous, awkward controller, though. That bulbous beast of a controller was quickly replaced with the smaller, better-designed Xbox Controller S which also makes an appearance.

[Via: Gadget Love]

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