Friday Funnies: Google Glass Helper Reminds You How Much Your Life Sucks

Conan O’Brien’s been having a field day with Google Glass. The late night host poked fun at Google’s wearable tech before on his show. Now Conan has unveiled the latest, greatest app for Glass. Google Glass Helper is here to talk you through your day in a way Siri never could. Its only problem is that it might be a little too honest!

This video might just beat out Google Ass and Hipster Glass for the best lampooning of Google Glass yet! Conan’s team captures the life of a lonely, shut-in, nerd. It’s a grim piece of black comedy that’s best taken with a grain of salt. But it’s pretty funny.

Google Glass has been a bit of a punching bag lately. But however you feel about Google’s smart headset, we can all use a good laugh!

[Via: Team Coco] [IMG: Variety]

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