Google Play Music can now store music on SD cards

Google Play Music can now store music on SD cards

The Google Play Music app got an important update that will allow users to store songs on the external memory. Yup, no longer will you need to sacrifice your internal storage and will be able to store some tunes on a microSD card.

This isn’t big news for Nexus phone users as their devices notoriously lack memory card slots. Moreover, most high-end smartphones rock at least 16GB of internal storage that is enough music needs of the majority of users. On the other hand, many low- and mid-range smartphone owners don’t have this privilege and for them, this new feature is a blessing. No longer will you have to spend a ton of time managing your songs, and pick only the ones you want to listen on any given day. You can now store much more songs, and pick and choose afterwards.

In order to change your caching location, hop over to “Music settings” -> “Download” -> “Storage location”…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Friggin’ finally. Not sure what they were thinking. Even if I have enough storage internally I may want to put my tunes on a microSD cards.

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