The 10 Most Hilarious Headlines of 2013

2013 was one heck of a year for tech news, and it’s not even over yet! Apple surprised us all by releasing not just one new iPhone but two, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. Samsung launched its Galaxy S4 at a very snazzy launch party, and HTC enlisted Robert Downey Jr. to head their new set of advertisements. BlackBerry tried to regain footing by launching new handsets and rebranding, making Alicia Keys their Head of Design. Vine made a splash on the mobile scene, adding a new element to shooting and sharing small video clips. But that’s all serious stuff – what about the hilarity that ensued in 2013?

Good question! 2013 was also the year that we saw a slew of unwitting iPhone 5 owners plop their handsets in the microwave for a quick charge, an Android powered toilet that was hackable via Bluetooth, and a bunch of parodies poking fun at everything from BlackBerry’s demise to iOS 7 motion sickness.

We’ve rounded up our 10 most hilarious stories from 2013 for your reading pleasure. The stories read in chronological order from oldest to newest, just to keep things neat and tidy. Are you ready for a hilarious trip down memory lane? Read on!

1. Microwaving Your iPhone 5S Charges the Battery in Seconds!

 Original Story: Hey, That’s Not A Burrito: Don’t Microwave Your iPhone 5!

Well, not really, but that’s what a bunch of iPhone 5 owners tried when a  when someone on the Japanese noticeboard 2channel posted the news.  The post claimed that microwaving your iPhone 5 for a mere 20 seconds would catch a full charge. Unfortunately, the only thing those iPhone 5’s caught was fire.

2. Man Clad in Sweatpants Attempts to Rob Store, Fails Miserably

Original Story: Hump Day Funnies: Robbery Suspect Trips Alarm Then Trips For Real

While not mobile related in the slightest, this story is just plain funny. A man in Redding, CA decided to try to break into a local convenience store. The man, clad in sweatpants attempted to smash the store window with a brick. His attempt fails, and as the alarm begins to wail he…I’ll leave the rest for a surprise. Watch the video below to find out what happens.

And just in case you wanted fart sounds with that video…

3. iSteve, A Steve Jobs Mockumentary

Original Story: Watch iSteve, Funny or Die’s mockumentary about Steve Jobs

The team over at Funny Or Die takes on Steve Jobs by releasing a mockumentary about the Apple creator’s life. It is definite;y hilarious, perhaps even better than the recent Jobs biopic starring Kelso Ashton Kutcher.

4. Android Powered Toilet Lets You ‘Log In’

Original Stories: Android Controlled Toilet Lets You Remotely “Log In” and Don’t Hack My Can! Android Controlled Toilet Has Bluetooth Vulnerability

This one’s a twofer, and it’s a doozy. An android powered toilet called the Satis hit the market in Japan, allowing users to control the lid, bidet direction, change water temperature and even monitor water usage. A few months after the toilets “release,” the Satis was found to have a security vulnerability, which could be accessed by using Bluetooth. Talk about a backdoor vulnerability!

5. Ryan Gosling Refuses to Eat His Cereal in This Vine Series


Original Story: Best Vine Series Ever: Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal!

There’s no doubt that the release of Twitter’s Vine has changed the way we share and create short videos online. Heck, even Instagram  followed Vine’s lead and made short videos available on their service. Many amazing pieces of art have debuted on Vine, but none as amazing as this series.

One awesome Vine user created a whole series of Vines starring Ryan Gosling. What is Ryan up to in these Vines? Why refusing to eat his cereal of course!

6. Hipster Glass Makes Google Glass Cool!

Original Story: Friday Funnies: Hipster Glass Makes Google Glass Cool!

We all know how downright weird Google Glass looks, even if it is an awesome device. The thing looks just plain dorky, and screams “I’m a huge nerd!” when donning the wearable device in public. We’ve already seen a number of bars ban the device, and tickets have also been issued for driving with Glass on as well. Well, that’s all about to change thanks to Hipster Glass, which turns Google Glass downright cool. Go ahead, crack open that PBR and watch the video.

7. Forget the iPhone 5C, It’s All ABout the iPhone 5F!

Original Story: Humpday Funnies: Apple’s Super Budget Model – the iPhone 5F

2013 was the year of the iPhone 5S and 5C, but one of Apple’s prototype iPhones never say the light of day. Funny Or Die strikes again with a hilarious parody video which Introduces the iPhone 5F, Apple’s super budget iPhone. It even plays Snake! Forget the iPhone 5C, the 5F is the one for me!

8. Can’t Find A Gold iPhone 5S? This Guy Can Help

Original Story: Friday Funnies: Conan’s Got a Guy Who Can Get You A Gold iPhone 5S

Trying to find a champagne or “gold” colored iPhone 5S at the time of launch was quite a feat. The champagne color quickly sold out, leaving fancy people all over America searching high and low for the device. While some iPhone 5S’s were available to purchase on eBay and the like, Conan O’Brien pointed us to a man who had the units at the ready. Thank god for Conan!

9. iPhones For Babies?

Original Story: Do You Think Apple Should Make iPhones For Babies? Tyrion Lannister Does

iPhones for babies? That’s what Tyrion Lannister wants to see, thanks to the team at Bad Lip Reading. The hilarious video, true to its name, pits Game Of Thrones characters in a medieval theme park, in the vein of teenage summer movies. It’s more than amazing.

10. The Last BlackBerry Employee On Earth

Original Story: Monday Funnies: Blackberry’s Had a Tough Go of it Lately

Oh BlackBerry, we know you had a rough year in 2013. The rebranding  just didn’t work out too well, and BlackBerry 10 OS didn’t capture the attention of many. Funny Or Die enlisted comedian Dave Foley of Kids In The Hall fame to play the last BlackBerry employee in a shame spiral. Poor guy, and poor BlackBerry.

Well, that about wraps it up! There were many more hilarious moments in 2013, and perhaps a few more still to come. Are there any that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, and may 2014 hold many laughs for us all!

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