Philips Hue For Android Updated With Geofencing Feature, Bug Fixes

If you’re an Android user with the Philips Hue light bulb set, you probably already know that the application has been far behind the iOS application in terms of functionality and stability. It’s no surprise, given that the only place you can grab the bulbs without buying them online are Apple stores. That said, the Android application is slowly chugging along and recently received a feature that iOS users have been enjoying for a while now: Geofencing.

From the Google Play Store:

” – Added Geofencing: Scenes can now automatically turn on when coming home and turn off when leaving home

– Several bug fixes and stability improvements
Disclaimer: Geofence location sensing is provided by the phone system and its accuracy depends on many factors including the device and locations of cell towers/wifi routers. We cannot guarantee it will work correctly in all situations.””

While the update to the application is currently ‘available’ in the Google Play Store, you might not see the extra functionality immediately. The update takes place within the application, and is likely due to the fact that the software for the Hue bridge needs to be updated as well. Nonetheless, geofencing has now come to the application. With the new feature enabled, your lights can automatically turn on when you get home and turn off with you leave, given you have your smartphone with you, of course. It’s a pretty nifty feature to have, but then again, if you have timers set for your lights to go on and off, it might not be that useful to you.

Not a huge fan of the official Philips Hue application? You’re in luck, as there are a few more options to choose from — some of which offer up features that we likely won’t see from Philips itself for a long time. If you have the Philips Hue light set be sure to check out Hue Pro and Hue Disco! You can also grab the updated version of the official Philips Hue application right here.

Check out the demo of Hue Disco below!


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