Windows Phone Could Overtake iOS In Three Years Time According To Forbes

Windows Phone 8.1 to increase compatibility with Windows RT, remove the need for the back button, add support for even bigger screens

Since its debut in late 2010, Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system has failed to make a splash the tech giant might have wanted. Even with the great handsets from Nokia, the OS has yet to make the gains the world has seen from Android and iOS. Well, according to Forbes, Microsoft’s mobile OS could overtake Apple’s iOS in as little as three years.

It’s true that Windows Phone has seen impressive year over year growth, but idea that it will overtake iOS in the coming years is a pill that’s a bit hard to swallow. Unsurprisingly, Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets have been the most popular models running the operating system, which offer some of the best cameras you can find on a smartphone. Still, it’s pretty telling when the best part of a smartphone has nothing to do with the core operating system it runs on.

Windows Phone is currently the fastest growing mobile operating system around, and came in at 3.6% of the market by the 3rd quarter of 2013, where Android and iOS ended the quarter with 81% and 12.9%. Windows Phone has seen the greatest gain in emerging markets, and this is a key to its success.

While Windows Phone could eventually overtake Apple by sheer volume, we have our doubts that it will be in three years. Even if it does overtake Apple’s mobile operating system in the next few years, that still doesn’t translate to money earned, though that’s not the point Forbes is trying to make here. Only time will tell.

If you’re an Android or iOS user, what would it take for you to buy a Windows Phone handset as your next smartphone purchase?

[Forbes via Ubergizmo]

  • Charles

    it will only take 1 more year for Windows Phone to overtake iOS and one more year after that to overtake Android. Windows has come to mobile and that’s the end of gadget OSes.

    • thebigmann


      • Charles

        Its a fact jack. 🙂

  • Zodiak

    Yeah absolutely. I love the design, UI and features as well so why not.

  • Michael

    I’d buy at Windows phone if Microsoft buys me a chrome book

  • thebigmann

    Hahaha no. Not iOS, even though they’ve completely stagnated from an innovation standpoint, too many people are fully bought into the Apple ecosystem with Macs, iPads, etc. Why would they ever buy a Windows Phone? Android continues to push the bar and is already light years ahead of Windows Phone. As manufacturers like the new Motorola break from the old ways of cramming confusing software features into Android and focus on expanding functionality (see the always-listening voice control and active notifications), Android is going to pick up even more market share. Windows Phone might gain a few more users, but realistically they won’t overtake iOS or Android. Ever.

  • Arsalan Ali

    hardly waiting for that day 🙂 keep it up windows

  • cbf

    I buy where I see innovation. I owned an iPhone for 4 years. I then moved to Android when I felt Apple getting stale, and I have now recently purchased a Nokia Windows Phone. WP brings a fresh take on design and some features that are superior to ios and Android. While there aren’t as many apps and some features are missing on the core o/s, I see WP improving. To the majority of you still on ios or Android, you should applaud and encourage sustained growth from a 3rd mobile platform, as this will force Apple and Google to continue to invest in making user experiences top notch

  • Optimus Prime

    Windows mobile will overtake ios like ios overtook blackberry. Windows mobile will grow at the expense of ios and will cause its collapse just like ios did to blackberry. Android lead is insurmountable.

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