Apple App Store in the US matches global store, tops 1 million apps

Apple hits another milestone as its U.S. iTunes App Store has surpassed the 1 million applications mark, according Appsfire. This news shows Apple now has just as much apps as it does globally.

What was also determined by the analytic company Appsfire was Apple now has 473,000 applications optimized for use on the iPad. The company also tracked the amount of Android apps at 879,506, which isn’t too far away from Apple.

Any well-informed person should know that total number of apps mean squat, as it’s all about the number of “quality” apps one needs to focus on. Who has more of these kind of applications is subjective. However, one thing is for sure, Google needs to get its act together if it wants Android tablet apps to be taken seriously. They are falling laughably behind iPad apps.

Via TechnoBuffalo


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