Get $150 Off A Brand New Moto X Starting at 9AM PST, Noon EST

Remember that $150 off a Moto X deal that Motorola was running on Cyber Monday and again on December 4th? Well, because of the Cyber Monday foul up where customers couldn’t get the deal, an extension of said deal has been granted, and it starts at 9AM Pacific time today!

If you’re planning on grabbing $150 off of a brand spankin’ new Moto X, head to Motorola’s website soon and get your fingers at the ready. The allotted units sold out in minutes last week, so be sure to start hitting that purchase button a few minutes before 9AM.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to customize your Moto X. Motorola will give out codes at time of purchase to ensure that you have time to customize your Moto X with MotoMaker.

Motorola has said they will start handing out codes here at 9AM Pacific. Good luck!

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