Google Hangouts Updated – MMS Issues Fixed, Group Messaging Improvements, and Animated GIFs!

A new update for Google Hangouts released today, bringing with it several bug fixes and minor additions. Group messaging can be toggled with a button in the app, and the bugginess of Hangouts’ MMS has been fixed. Most importantly, animated GIFs are now supported in Google Hangouts messaging!

Being able to turn off group SMS messaging is a nice feature, just be sure you’re really ready to do it since you’ll disable it completely. The MMS bug fixes are great and it seems to be working quite smoothly with this update. You can now import all you SMS messages into hangouts. There are some other minor bug fixes and upgrades as well.

But let’s get to what really matters, animated GIFS! The ability to send GIFs in hangouts is awesome. How else could you share something like this?

The update was released today on the Google Play store, and you can grab it over there. For more information check out the release notes below:

What’s New
* Fixes for MMS sending/receiving
* You can turn off group messaging (MMS) in Settings to send SMS to multiple people

  • Joseph Edouard

    Correction gif has been supported since an older update, n works flawlessly. This update was only for mms issues, n turning off mms group messages

  • elpea

    GIFS aren’t loading (appear as still images) on my gS3. Anyone else having this issue?

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