Huawei PhoPad coming soon? Is it a phablet or Padfone-like device?

Huawei PhoPad

Huawei has secured the trademark for Huawei PhoPad, according to this listing at USPTO. The filing is too general and we rather have to guess what this device will be all about. Perhaps it’s a phablet or, even better, a Padfone-like smartphone/tablet combo. Yeah, we hope for the latter and that we’ll see something like this announced during the upcoming CES in Las Vegas or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The way I see things, launching a Padfone competitor could be nothing but beneficial for the Chinese giant. It would easily propel it to the higher-ends of the market, allowing folks to get one device that serves two different purposes. Compared to ASUS, Huawei has a wider distribution network with its mobile products selling all around the Western hemisphere. We’ll be watching this space closely and get back to you as soon as there’s something new to add. Stay tuned…

[Via: phandroid]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Rock on Huawei. Padfone needs some competition! 🙂

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