Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Update Rolling Out, Brings Bugfixes and Improved Sound Quality

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Verizon Galaxy Note 3 owners are in for a treat, as a new update has begun its OTA rollout, set to hit your device soon. The update will bring a host of bugfixes and tweaks, and some lovely Verizon bloatware to boot.

The 4 new Verizon apps that will be pushed along with the update include MyInfoZone widget, VMware, Verizon Support & Protection, and Verizon Cloud. Whether these are just bloatware or if they’re helpful is a matter of opinion. Connectivity and sound quality issues have been addressed, as well as an e-mail sync issue.

The new Note is the fastest selling phablet in Samsung’s history, achieving 10 million units sold in just 3 months after its release. It took 9 months for the original Note to hit the 10 million units sold mark, while the Note 2 hit the same figure in 4 months after its release. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was introduced in September alongside Galaxy Gear smart watch. The device is now available in 50 countries, and enjoys particularly good popularity in China, South Korea, Japan and some Southeast Asian countries.

The full changelog can be seen in the image below.


[Via: Droid Life]

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