Verizon’s DROID DNA finally gets Android 4.2.2 + Sense 5 update

Verizon's DROID DNA finally gets Android 4.2.2 + Sense 5 update

Verizon and HTC have finally started rolling out update for the DROID DNA smartphone. The new software includes Android 4.2.2 and HTC Sense 5, along with a number of app updates, tweaks, bug fixes and other changes.

The first thing you’ll notice is the (in)famous HTC BlinkFeed which will shove the latest news straight to your face every time you turn on the phone. You are free to place it on some other home screen but for the time being, you can’t completely remove it.

There are also new quick settings, changes in a number of HTC apps like Calendar, Gallery, People and Smart Dialer; along with mentioned bug fixes. You can get the whole change log from this PDF file. And yes, we advise you to update the minute your DNA informs you about new software version is waiting for download.

Just one thing to note though. The update consists of two parts: first you’ll install software version 2.08.605.1 710RD that doesn’t contain the exciting bits, which is followed by version 3.06.605.4 with all the goodies. Good luck! 😉

  • Frank Wrogg

    I got the first part, but not the second part yet

    • guest

      Just go to check for new update and bam there it is.

    • Guest

      DON’T DO IT! This update is amazingly SUCKY! ATROCIOUS!

  • Rick

    Is the PDF file the second part??

  • Corey

    Why is text messaging so slow now?

    • Ryan

      Yours are slow mine do not even send after the update

      • Kim

        Has anyone else noticed when caller ID pictures show up on incoming calls, there are dots all over the picture now after the update? And yes my text mags are also not sending, showing up a blank screen, etc.

        • James

          Pictures in my contracts are showing up with dots over the pictures.

      • chris

        How can we fix this?!

  • Jeff

    Horrible!!! I absolutely hate this new update. I loved the uniqueness of the DNA. Now it’s like a basic piece of crap!!!

  • Bryan

    I agree this update is horrible! My HTC media for my tv is worthless. Now I have to cancel all my meetings today.

  • jamal gardner

    My phone is reacting better than usually but the display sucks now. The icons doesn’t do it for me.

  • Michael

    Does anyone know how to revert back to the regular Android we had before this? None of my apps are working right; the phone is burning through battery and running hot; texting is slow; I hate how it looks.

    I just want my phone back the way it was. Motorola/Google only in the future.

  • melissa

    My text is slow and it changed all my ring tones and alarms so I can’t even hear them now and the ones that I used are no longer available. This update is not working.

    • Brett

      I’m experiencing 2-3 second delays with each message I send and if I leave the screen too soon the message sits there as a draft never sent.

  • richybdad

    Mine is working great. Yes you can run without blinkfeed. Settings, personalize, home screen style. You can choose between blinkfeed and original. I have an HTC DNA and it is working amazingly.

    • ellis

      You can’t choose the original home screen style. You can choose between blinkfeed and the new ugly home screen style.

  • James

    Anyone having issues with unread email not being distinguished from read email? All of my messages in my inbox are bold, whether I’ve read them or not.

    • joe

      Mine does this too as well as my texts.. I can’t tell when I get a new one!!!! Anyone know how to fix this???? Help!

      • James

        I’ve talked to Verizon and HTC, it appears to be a software issue with Android. Google “android feedback”. There is a google feedback page, I started a thread for this issue, and they have responded to me so it is something that they are tracking. You should respond to that thread that you are experiencing the same issues.
        I also have the same issue with texts.

  • ellis

    SO UGLY. I updated today and when my phone restarted I was shocked to see the change to the entire look of the OS. Gone was the elegant, balanced, colorful, translucent look, and in it’s place is a blocky, unbalanced, monochrome, opaque, “gothic” look that went out of fashion a long time ago.

    I bought the DNA in part because of how beautiful it was, both inside and out. But now my phone looks like it’s been beaten with an ugly stick! What were they thinking??? How can I get back the previous, more modern and classy look???

    • James

      This update is atrocious. Two issues are UNFORGIVABLE:
      1. In Mail, ALL MESSAGES REMAIN BOLDED, EVEN AFTER THEY’VE BEEN READ! Bold/unbold has been a staple of email since its inception 20 years. WTF are they trying to do?
      2. In the call history, it no longer groups all calls to a single contact. Most people make 95% of their calls to the same 5-10 people. Well now, if I’ve called the same person back and forth 5 or 6 times in a day, their number dominates the call history screen. I now have to scroll down to retrieve another recent contact.
      I enjoyed the Thunderbolt and this device prior to this upgrade. If they don’t reverse these two issues in the next month, I am never buying an HTC again.

  • DJ Screwed

    WTF did they do to my phone?!?!?! My husband just updated it last night saying how it’s suppose to be like the HTC One which I was somewhat ok with but I my sounds are horrible and I can’t remember what the sounds were called to download on Zedger, but the basic look of everything is annoying the more I find. The low pixelation on my caller ID, everything is boxy, and text message delays (with repeats). I would’ve been fine if it only functioned the same as the HTC One, but to look like it too is not what I signed up for at all. I’m ready to back up my phone and do a factory reset to get the things I had, but Idk if I’ll need the update in the future for other software issues and end up with this ugly mess again.

  • Penny

    HATE IT! And I can’t see what I write when I text…how do I change color of font? Or background? Right now it’s black on black. Also, all messages are bold even if they have been read! How do we change back to what was already working!?!?!?

    • Brett Hufziger

      Unread text messages have a blue bar at left that goes away once you access the text

  • Scott Wells

    My DNA is so slow now. Texts are slow to send and I have also noticed that the music volume doesn’t get as loud, even with BEATS turned on, WTF!!!

  • Ashley H

    My text messages are so slow receiving and sending. Plus I can only send one message at a time. Is there a way to fix this problem?

  • BPacker

    The upgrade is crap; almost impossible to use the phone now

  • BPacker

    And the sounds are terrible now.

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