Apple recruits former radio exec to boost iTunes Radio sales

Since its launch iTunes Radio has been somewhat of a mixed bag. It wasn’t long ago when plenty of pundits quickly rushed to the thought that Apple’s music service would crush the rest of the competition — a pool that includes Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, and others. Since things have moved relatively slow when it comes to gaining influence, the tech giant has enlisted the services of a former radio exec to head iTunes Radio.

Michael Pallad, a former Cumulus Media exec, will be given the task to lead advertising sales of Apple’s new iTunes Radio streaming music service. By adding this position one can surmise that Apple could potentially be gearing up for some monetization on the new music streaming platform. As of now, Apple’s music service mimics the same kind of service found on Pandora, as both offer listeners the ability to customize stations without the option to play individual tracks. The only difference is advertising.

Pallad is rumored to spearhead an international movement to jump off ad sales. This is a shrewd move because Apple has yet to venture out of the United States, so it needs to be totally ready with the best folks capable of expanding the iTunes Radio brand.

Let’s be real. Nobody really knows what Apple has in store for 2014 when it pertains to iTunes Radio. However, we’re confident an international expansion to other major countries is on its shortlist. If it ever hopes to squash the Pandora’s of the world, then it’ll have to make the service available through more than just iOS devices.

Via VentureBeat



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