Rovio’s Angry Birds Go! zooms onto handsets with its Mario Kart-like racing game

The day has finally come for us to go karting with our favorite birds. Rovio today released its long-awaited Angry Birds Go! game to the masses worldwide. The new racing game mimics that of the super-popular Mario Kart games played on Nintendo game consoles. Angry Birds Go! is free-to-play and is available now for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Players can also expect to see in-app adverts for other treats such as moves, different modes, etc.

Additionally, the game can get better with new characters thanks to the compatibility it has with Hasbro’s Telepods. The game-play carries the usual rules you’ll find in most games similar to its kind such as power ups to use in gaining an advantage, coins to collect, while beating the other racers.

As for the game, it looks good. Rovio’s ABG maintains the same beautiful color palette seen on all of its other games. The 3D elements of the game also looks pretty good. Lastly, you can choose from tilt or touch screen controls, which is such a much-needed option for those who hate using up a sizable part of your screen to play the game. It’s also great for those of you who commute on a bus or train back and forth.

I haven’t had enough time with the game to give a full grade on it, so I’ll reserve judgement until then. However, from what I’ve seen so far the game looks incredibly fun.

Let us know how you like the game?




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