Ubuntu Touch OS phones coming next year

Ubuntu Touch OS phones coming next year

While some of us can’t wait to get Ubuntu for Android, Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) would rather want us to buy a device that runs their own platform from the get-go. Alas, their effort to crowdfund the Ubuntu Edge failed despite raising a record-breaking amount of cash from Linux enthusiasts all around the world. So they’re yet again turning to OEMs and this time round, they seem to have found someone interested to make Ubuntu-powered gear.

Speaking to CNET, the company’s founder Mark Shuttleworth said they made an agreement with an unnamed smartphone maker to get the operating system on “high-end” phones sometime next year. Nothing too specific but definitely a step in right direction. We would love to get Ubuntu for Android before that, but we’ll take whatever Canonical gives us, presuming we also get a nice catalog of apps along the way.

With CES and Mobile World Congress just around the corner, we hope that Canonical will be showing us something cool sooner rather than later. Stay tuned as we bring you more…

[Via: TheVerge]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    C’mon Canonical bring this thing to the market already!

  • Musthafa Mangalore

    Whenever I ready your stories, the Long Author Bio makes me “wonder” – Why so looooooong?
    Longer than than the stories.. 🙂

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