Viber Out brings low-cost phone calls to Viber’s more than 200 million users

Viber Out brings low-cost phone calls to Viber's more than 200 million users

Viber has updated its iOS and Android apps, and the main new thing is Viber Out. Yup, this means Viber users can now make low-cost calls to mobile and landline phone number, with tariffs that are lower than those Skype is offering. And many other VoIP services, for that matter.

Initially, Viber Out is available for iOS and Android users, as well as desktop, with Windows Phone support coming soon. Viber Out credit can be bought with an in-app purchase from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, or with a credit card via Viber Desktop.

Unlike competing services, Viber Out displays your real phone number to the recipient so he/she knows who is calling. Further, Viber Out on Desktop has your phone’s address book so you don’t have to remember numbers or dial them manually.

Finally, Viber 4.1 for iOS and Android also comes with new stickers, with promise that new content will be added on the continual basis…

Viber (FREE) [iTunes link] [Google Play link]

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