Apple working on 3D goggles?

Apple working on 3D goggles?

A new Apple patent has been caught by the eagle-eyed folks of PatentlyApple. The filing describes a goggle-like system that looks like a pair of ski or motorcycle goggles, rather than a Google Glass competitor. It does have a removable outer frame, but this is still something you want to wear at home to enjoy 3D multimedia content.

The goggles can unsurprisingly be hooked up to a media system, or a portable device like iPad or iPhone, while also supporting Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. So in a way, this thing resembles some of Vuzix’s earlier products.

What’s unique about Apple’s goggles is that they will account for differences in eyesight, with optical modules serving to make things appear farther and give them depth.

The patent also describes a potential menu system, consisting of a button, keypad, touch screen or touch pad or any combination. This interface would allow users to control the media playback, volume, and adjust the luminosity of the display. Audio would be accessible to goggle users through a speaker or a pair of headphones.

Alas, as it’s usually the case with patents, just because a company filed for some innovation, that doesn’t mean it will ever end-up selling it. And it’s not like we’ll be missing goggles now that everyone is talking about smart glasses…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m not sure we need this. Apple should better focus on some iTV product.

  • neil

    Of course they’re not working on this product.Apple are just making ensuring no one else Iis either.

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