Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics Free Right Now!

A lot of you might have gotten your introduction to the Fallout series with 2008’s Fallout 3. As the name might suggest, that game was the third in a series and the first two are excellent titles in their own right. Now Good Old Games (GOG) has those games and a spinoff free to download for a very limited time. Get ’em while they’re radioactive, the post-apocalyptic deal ends in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The Fallout universe combines open-world gameplay with a unique retro-future, post-apocalyptic setting. To avoid any more hyphenated words, I’ll just say that it’s awesome and well worth checking out if you haven’t. Fallout 1 and 2 came out in the 90’s and employ an isometric “2.5D” perspective and purely turn-based combat. Fallout 3 changed this up with a 1st/3rd person 3D setting and run-and-gun combat with the V.A.T.S. system paying tribute to the turn-based roots of the series.

If you’ve only ever played the modern Fallout games, give Fallout 1 or 2 a chance to grow on you. They’re both incredible, open-world games in the same post-apocalyptic setting.  The dialogue, humor, great story and character design, and hardcore western RPG gameplay are all there. These games hold up after 15+ years, and hold their own against Fallout 3.

And then there’s Fallout Tactics…….. Let’s just ignore that one, shall we? Since it’s free, you might as well grab it. But don’t expect a game of nearly the same caliber as the Fallout games that came before and after it.

GOG is graciously making these classic games available for free since they will likely not be available at all after the new year. The rights to the titles revert to Bethesda after that time, who have been in a dispute with Interplay over them for years. While versions of these games will most likely have a re-release through Bethesda, they will no longer be available in their current Interplay versions.

You can grab the downloads right here. GOG made the announcement in its forums and you can read it below. It’s been updated to note the extreme server strain due the Fallout Frenzy. At the time of this posting, everything was running fine.

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All classic Fallout games available FREE for 48 hours!

Holiday season is upon us! If you are a long-time GOG.com user you know well enough–or if you’re relatively new to our service, you’re about to learn–that we just love offering great games for free whenever it’s possible. This year for instance, we’ve given away innumerable copies of the action-rpg gem Torchlight. Today, we’re taking our gifting habit a step further. No, actually make that two steps, as we’re handing out a package of three games this time around. For the upcoming 48 hours you’ll be able to add Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics to your GOG.com collection, completely FREE of charge. That’s $0.00 (or, if you prefer the currency of the nuclear wasteland, 0.00 bottle caps) for all the three classic games in the legendary post-apocalyptic RPG series, until Saturday, December 14, at 1:59PM GMT.

Section updated: Don’t forget about your gamer friends that may not know GOG.com yet! Sadly, for the sake of unburdening what servers we have, we had to turn off the option for gifting free games. But you can always just let them know they can sign up with GOG.com and claim a free gift of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. On top of that, when they register to our service, they’ll receive all the 12 free games we add to all the newly-created accounts. That way your friends will start their adventure with GOG.com with a collection of 15 great games total already on their virtual shelves! Be kind, share the good news! 🙂

Please note that all three classic Fallout titles are pending right holder change. Sadly, to the best of our knowledge, we’ll be forced to remove Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics from our offer. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t be able to download them if they are already a part of collection by then. Secure your copies today (or anytime before Saturday, December 14, at 1:59PM GMT)!

While you come to grab your free classic Fallout games, make sure to stay a while and browse through our 2013 DRM-Free Winter Sale selection of 600+ games discounted by 50% or more, special bundle deals up to 80% off, and daily personal deals, including the mysteriously mysterious mystery box! All that and more, now covered with our new 30-day Worldwide Money Back Guarantee, for online game-shopping safer than ever before!

We’re currently experiencing server issues due to the highest traffic ever noted on GOG.com. We did anticipate much interest in our 2013 DRM-Free Winter Sale, as well as our Fallout 1,2, & Tactics giveaway, but the number of visits exceeded our highest expectations by far. And we mean FAR. For today, we’ve prepared double the number of servers that were needed to support our highest day in traffic to date, but it turned out to be not nearly sufficient. We’re working on quadrupling our server supply, now.

We’re terribly sorry for all the inconvenience you might encounter today, while visiting GOG.com store. If you’re new to the site, rest assure that this is far from our day-to-day standards. We’re working around the clock until all the problems are fixed, and everyone can enjoy everything we have to offer. If you’ve encountered any problems, please give it some time. Most issues will be resolved automatically, soon, as the first batch of extra servers is coming on-line right now. If you’re affected by something more serious, please be assured that our support team will assist you and fix whatever needs fixing.

Again, we apologize for the user experience, that is not up to our usual standards.

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    Never heard of this site, but it’s pretty awesome! They’ve got both Dungeon Keepers for $2.99 a piece!

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