GTA San Andreas officially releases for iOS

Rockstar recently announced that the final GTA game of PS2/Xbox era, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas would be coming to mobile devices. Today the game came out for modern iOS devices!

Rockstar Games hit record sales with its latest Grand Theft Auto game, GTA V. The company also found mobile success porting its PS2-era titles Grand Theft Auto III and GTA: Vice City. Now Rockstar is bringing the pinnacle of that generation’s GTA to mobile with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

San Andreas took the series to another level when it came out for the PS2 and Xbox. The open world of the prior games was greatly expanded in San Andreas, and the game encompassed 3 cities instead of just one. San Andreas also milked every last drop of graphical power from the aging consoles, and looked incredible for the time.

The game also added elements of real life to the series. The main character, CJ, could change up his outfit and appearance. He also needed to eat and his food choices affected the way he looked and his agility. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas brought a great soundtrack, an open world that was bigger than ever before, and – most importantly – Fat CJ.

GTA: San Andreas is out now on iTunes. It’s compatible with iPhones 4S or newer, the 5th edition iPod Touch, and iPads 2 or newer (including the iPad Mini).

[Via: iTunes]

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