Forget Amazon Delivery Drones, Groupon’s Got Catapults!

More than likely you’ve seen the Amazon delivery drones by now, little flying devices that are expected to deliver our Amazon packages in the near future. The idea is certainly interesting and pretty creepy, kinda like Jeff Bezos himself. Many have said that Amazon’s supposed elivery drones are just a marketing gimmick, which makes total sense to me. But as Amazon continues its heavy-footed march across the globe on its way to total retail domination, the creepy Amazon drones could actually become reality in 2015 when the FAA is expected to free up restrictions on drone flights.

In a direct attack on Amazon’s drones, Groupon’s got a trick up their sleeve that calls upon ancient wisdom and knowledge to deliver discounted services and items. Groupon’s delivery system? A medieval catapult.

OK, you got me, it’s a parody video. Groupon isn’t really flinging packages at its customers, but it sure would be sweet if they did.

Check out the hilarious video below, and watch out for flying packages!

Via: BI

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