Ingress: Operation #13Magnus Finale Is Tomorrow – Choose Your Side

The largest Ingress event to date, Operation #13Magnus, is finally coming to an end. The finale will take place tomorrow in San Francisco, CA and Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we will find out if the Enlightened or Resistance factions will control the event. The two-month long event has spanned the globe, and the final showdown between the two factions will decide the fate of XM control, at least for now.

An integral part of Operation #13Magnus are the Jarvis Shards that have been found throughout the world. During the finale tomorrow, if the Enlightened successfully move the Jarvis Shard to the target portal in San Francisco, Roland Jarvis will be reborn. If the Resistance successfully move the Shards to the target portal in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Roland Jarvis could be destroyed.

The fate of humanity depends on which faction is able to successfully control the 13 Shards.

Marketed as a ‘game’, Ingress has become increasingly more popular since it’s initial debut in November of last year. It wasn’t until this November that Ingress no longer required an invitation to join, dramatically changing the game as new users choose their factions. Another dramatic change in the user base will begin when Ingress becomes available on iOS next year.

Need some help catching up with the events of #13Magnus? Be sure to check out The Ingress Report (below) and sites like DecodeIngress to stay in the know!

Operation #13Magnus has proven to outscale the previous Operation #Cassandra that ended in the Enlightened’s victory. If the Resistance wants to win #13Magnus, it’s going to need to bring the fight like never before.

Stay tuned for more information surrounding the events of Operation #13Magnus soon! We’ll be in San Francisco to cover the event, so be sure to check back!

Still haven’t given Ingress a try? Android users can download the scanner app right here!

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