Square acquires Evenly, a peer-to-peer mobile payments app

Square acquires Evenly

Square is on the roll. After we’ve seen them acquiring Viewfinder, they’re going for Evenly, a peer-to-peer mobile payments app which allows users to send money to other people via a mobile device. The process is super-simple, with easy-to-use interface and system that puts banks and credit card services out of picture.

“At Square, we are committed to creating a better experience for our merchants by helping them focus on their customers, rather than on the payment itself,” Square product engineering lead Gokul Rajaram said in a blog post. “Evenly’s app made it easy for anyone to send or collect payments from friends, anywhere, anytime. But more importantly, the team showcased the importance of prioritizing experience over the technical aspects of the product itself.”

As a result of acquisition, Evenly will shut down in early 2014 and its team will go work at Square where it plans to “bring simplicity, transparency, and immediacy to commerce.” The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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