WSJ: Sprint Eyeing Acquisition of T-Mobile for $20 Billion

The Wall Street Journal has just published an interesting report in which Sprint is reportedly eyeing the acquisition of America’s magenta carrier, T-Mobile. The report cites “people familiar with the matter” who claim that Sprint is beginning the steps to make a T-Mobile purchase possible. Sprint is currently sifting through all of the regulatory hoops it would have to jump through to have a bid ready by early 2014. The bid could be as high as $20 billion.

Sprint is technically the third-largest wireless provider in America, with T-Mobile nipping at their heels in fourth place. T-Mobile has shaken up the mobile industry however, when early last year the company rolled out its Un-Carrier model, which has been drawn upon by every major carrier in the U.S. to release new plans and device owning options over the last half of 2013. The Un-Carrier moves coupled with the carrier’s aggressive rollout of its 4G LTE coverage around the country have helped the company gain subscribers and notoriety. T-Mobile’s data network and low service plans are pushing them to the number three spot, and Sprint knows it.

While the acquisition is pretty much speculation at this point, we will see what Sprint’s got up its sleeve early next year. One thing is for sure though, I can’t see John Legere giving up his magenta cloak anytime soon, no matter how much money Sprint tries to throw his way.

We’ll keep you updated as the saga continues.

  • Willie D

    Millions of unhappy Sprint customers, like myself, have left Sprint, for T-Mobile, not only for the low cost rate plans and no-contract, better prepaid, worldwide roaming options and the better technology aspect with HSPA+ and LTE implementation but for the better customer service, the ability to shake up the industry and really propel themselves in a massive turn around. This is something Sprint has been promising since WiMAX launched in 2010. Now, nearly 4 years later, Sprint has still barely upgraded their obsolete and nearly completely broken down EVDO network, but their LTE network, even in fully launched areas still has underperformed in all spectrum assets. Why in the world would ANYONE want to hear Sprint take over the better carrier, with a completely different technology, and merge together in a botched attempt much like the Nextel merger, only to fail once again. Absolutely not!

    • Nd

      Perfectly said

    • ian kersey

      Agreed. I feel like its an attempt by Sprint to stay afloat in the near future, as T-Mobile is rising in popularity like crazy. Sprint’s Spark tri-band technology is neat in concept, but I don’t think it’ll ever really see the light of day.

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