Google acquires Boston Dynamics, maker of some of today’s coolest robots

Google acquires Boston Dynamics

Google is entering the robotics market, big time. What we used to know as search giant may soon turn into an overall giant, spanning a number of industries while trying to make our lives easier.

As part of that mission, the Mountain View-based corporation acquired Boston Dynamics, the firm behind such cool robots as Big Dog, PETMAN and WildCat, all of which were made for the Department of Defense. Now we’re sure Google doesn’t want to stop those government contracts, but we would also like to believe they want to bring robots to our homes, helping us with mundane tasks. We have hard time imagining the use cases at the moment, but we’re sure the G-folks know what they’re up to.

Although the financial details of the deal were not disclosed we doubt this was a cheap buy, quite the contrary; and in that sense we can’t wait to see the first G-bots hitting the streets. In the meantime, check out one of the coolest robots we’ve seen to date – the Wild Cat.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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