• rebirthofcool

    funny and seems ridiculous to offer someone who loses a 1 billion battle to Apple and touted as the main reason why Nokia didn’t enter the Android foray

  • Rethink

    Open Handset Alliance (OHA). Not going to happen, Samsung (as with all the other major Android manufacturers) are forbidden to make phones with other operating systems or they lose their Google Apps license.

    • symbolset

      This is not true. OHA members can make a device with any OS they like as long as it isn’t an incompatible fork of Android. Samsung has made Windows Phones in the past. You know this isn’t true. You just want to lie to bash Google, and come up with these impossible conspiracy stories.

      It’s not going to happen because Nokia got paid $2.5 billion to make Windows Phones, lost that money and $5 billion more of their own money doing it, and wound up having to sell their mobile phone operation to Microsoft because the “long terms of the deal” involved them paying Microsoft cash -as well as- losing money on Windows Phones. Windows Phones are not profitable for the OEM. They never have been and they never will be. Not one Windows Phone handset has ever turned a profit for its manufacturer. Simply put Samsung is not stupid enough to let Microsoft send them a CEO who will put them in a bind with a Faustian suicidal unbreakable long-term contract, destroy their business and bankrupt their company. That is why it won’t happen. Nothing to do with Google at all.

  • SalemWitchesWereInnocent

    MS has shouted many times that they want to be a “devices and services”company.
    I thought that meant they wanted to make great devices. And I thought they bought Nokia to make great devices. So if they ask Samsung to make their devices, what does this make MS? Confused?

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