Ping Your Partner With Smartphone Enabled Sex Toys From Lovense

Even in the age of sexting and dirty Skyping, being in a long-distance relationship is hard work. While old-fashioned romances depended on writing letters or an expensive phone call, lovers in the Internet age have a bevy of options at their disposal to communicate with their partner. A new Indiegogo campaign is looking to take Internet era relationships to the next level by producing, “A pair of sex toys that can be bi-directionally controlled over the Internet for long distance love making.”  The Lovense Long Distance Love Toys can be used with an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone device, or on Windows and Mac computers. Talk about the ultimate peripheral!

As you can see from the image above, the Lovense team certainly has done their homework. While the female toy looks like a standard sex toy, the male counterpart is certainly interesting. The unit wraps around the user’s “unit” and delivers pulses in just the right spots. Here’s what Lovense has to say about the toys:

Nora is a sex toy made for women of all ages and provides extremely enjoyable vibrations and rotations that duplicate the arousing feeling of a man’s penis.

Max is the sex toy designed for men. Max reproduces the incredible sensation of a woman’s vagina with a sex toy that provides an extremely realistic simulation of sexual intercourse.

The sex toys connect to a device via Bluetooth, and then connect to the partner’s smartphone via WiFi. Once the pair is coupled, the fun can begin, with each partner controlling the toys from their smartphones. The toys can also be set to pulsate to your favorite tunes and are waterproof just in case, um, well you get the picture.

The toys do much more than just respond to a user’s command. Every time one of the toys is manually moved in real life, the other toy will react, almost as if real touching is going on. That’s pretty intense.

Once your Internet connection is established, every time a man moves his Max toy it will send a command to the woman’s Nora toy and cause it to react. The same exact thing happens when a woman is using her Nora toy, which then sends commands back to Max.

So there you have it folks, the future is now. If you’d like more information on the Lovense Indiegogo project, check it out here and throw these hard working folks a few bucks for their troubles.

As for me, I will be watching my mailbox with baited intensity waiting for the Lovense  review units.

  • Bubblep

    The most high-tech sex toy I’ve seen…

  • dmm

    How old do you need to be if you are buying a sex toy?

  • Yaru

    Bought a set a couple of days ago and received the gift box last night. It was really good and we both loved it!

  • Ritesh

    wow I want it! It looks like fun!

  • Moyaaa

    It looks fun to me !

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