• http://www.androidapplicationworld.com/ Sara Stanford

    “Swype Keyboard” app is my favourite keyboard till now from all apps. The app is really excited to see the new update add customizable long press delay and keyboard height. However, this keyboard is pretty much unusable for me till now. When I go back and use swift key which is super fast still but doesn’t have as good of swipe input in my opinion.. But then also I am enjoying the app!!

  • Ricardo

    Good list – I’m not sure Google’s is among the best 5 but worth including just because it’s Google! I am a big fan of SwiftKey but have recently switched to Magic Keyboard 2 which runs faster and predicts better (although it doesn’t do swipe/flow).

    • Rick

      Thanks for mentioning Magic Keyboard 2. I’ve been looking for a replacement for Swiftkey (really tired of the auto-correcting correct words) and the lousy theme support. So far, Magic Keyboard 2 is looking like a possible replacement.

  • Kazurion

    I’ll try TouchPal X.

    BTW, I used Swiftkey, I didn’t used the popular
    gesture option but, I liked the themes in it


  • lietuvis

    OMG, TouchPal all the way! I’ve been using swiftkey for a few months and I thought it’s the best you can get,but it has some downsides, like not being able to edit your personal dictionary so I decided to find something else.

    Meanwhile Swype it’s not for me ,mostly because I’m Lithuanian and Swype doesn’t really have a good Lithuanian dictionary, i wasn’t going to give it a second chance.

    I’m truly amazed how good TouchPal is in my native language! Also it has some very cool gestures, that gives you a lovely swiping experience. I’m not looking backwards to swiftkey, well at least not until some giant update.

  • gori

    Fleksy Is a good option In my opinion, and minuum Is The crazy one

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