Top engineer leaves Microsoft for Google

Microsoft for months has waged war against Google attacking the search giant for the way they do advertising. The company has also sniped at Google’s popular Chromebooks, with snarky commercials on the web and on TV. So instead of going after Microsoft using similar tactics, the maker of Android has decided to hit Mr. Softy where it hurts most: hiring away its talent. Blaise Agüera y Arcas, one of the company’s top engineers, has decided to jump ship to Google.

After being with the company for almost 8 years (joined in 2006), Agüera y Arcas explained on his blog how tough his decision was saying that it was “the hardest decision of my life.” Agüera y Arcas continued, saying Microsoft’s “lead­er­ship has been con­sis­tently good to me over these past eight years, and it has been a time filled with cre­ativ­ity and growth and good friends.” “It’s painful to leave behind so many won­der­ful ongo­ing projects, and even more so to leave behind such a great team.”

Regardless of the situation, this can’t be a good thing for Microsoft. It’s unusual to lose such a key senior level executive to your number one rival during such a vulnerable time, especially as the company begins to reorganize itself and transition from Steve Ballmer to a new CEO. This kind of thing could make other talent a bit uneasy joining the Windows maker. Microsoft needs to button things up on the inside first, instead of worrying about its next Scroogled ad. Google doesn’t care about those weak attacks because its leading, and its taking away talent.

[NYT; via The Verge]

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