Top 10 Smartphones of 2013 According to Google Trends

2013 sure was a big year for smartphones and technology in general. 2013 brought us the iPhone 5s and 5c, the HTC One family and too many Samsung devices to count. In celebration of the turbulent year that is 2013, Google has released a plethora of lists detailing the top search terms of the year, spanning everything from top memes to top places to Honeymoon. Google also touched on the most popular search terms pertaining to smartphones, and the results are no surprise.

The iPhone 5s tops the charts, with the only Windows Phone on the list the Nokia Lumia 1020 landing at number 10. Check out Google’s list below. Click on the name to bring up pictures and details of the devices.

While the list is mostly made up of Android handsets, BlackBerry and Nokia pop up in the list as well. Apple pops up twice, with both the iPhone 5s and 5c landing at number one and number 3 respectively. Two LG devices make the list, the rear button touting LG G2 and the Googly LG Nexus 5. Samsung grabs two mentions as well, with 2013’s flagship Galaxy S4 coming in at number 2, and the Galaxy S3 coming in at number 7. Motorola’s first non-DROID branded smartphone in some time, the Moto X grabbed the number 8 spot, and Nokia’s awesome 41 megapixel camera touting Lumia 1020 comes in at number 10.

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s interesting to think about what devices could appear on Google’s charts in 2014. Surely Apple and Samsung will make the list, but what about BlackBerry and Nokia handsets? 2014 will be an interesting year in smartphone history, as the Windows Phone platform is expected to hit its stride in the coming year, and BlackBerry will more than likely disappear from the scene. Smartphones are expected to begin touting 64-bit processors and tout 3GB of RAM instead of the now usual 2GB.

2013 sure was fun. Now, time to go last-minute gift shopping!

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