Amazon’s Xbox One stock gets replenished (Updated)

Great news for you gamers out there. Amazon has replenished its stock of Microsoft Xbox One gaming consoles. We’re sure this stock is probably going to go fast, but don’t feel bad because Amazon seems to have a good flow going on with the popular system. Amazon seems to be getting their stock back up every few days or so once they run out.

That being said, it’s best to jump on these suckers when they’re available. Christmas is right around the corner, and if you envisioned seeing an Xbox One under your tree — now is the time to pounce! Even if it’s a hold, why not lock in a date?

Run, or whatever to Amazon to snatch you a Xbox One Console here.

UPDATE: Gees, soon as I hit the publish button I noticed they were gone! I’d keep checking back if I were you.

Via TechnoBuffalo

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