[Updated] Moto X Finally Gets Wood: Bamboo Option Available From MotoMaker for an Extra $100

Finally, the Moto X’s wood back option has arrived! Well, sort of.

Droid Life first spotted the Moto X’s wood back customization option just a little while ago, and it is showing up in the MotoMaker customization tool. MotoMaker shows a bamboo option at the moment, but here’s the catch: it’s not available right now, and it’ll cost you an extra $100 on top of the Moto X price.

MotoMaker lists the option as an “online exclusive” but notes that the wood option is “not available.” With Droid Life reporting just over a half-hour ago that the option has gone live, the not available status could mean that the option has already sold out.

While Bamboo is the only option at the moment, Rosewood, Ebony and Teak will also reportedly make an appearance.

While the option is currently not showing for use at the time of writing, Droid Life reports that the Bamboo Moto X is facing a 14 day shipping waiting period.

Whatever the case, keep checking the MotoMaker page if you’re looking to grab a Moto X with a Bamboo backing, and keep checking back with us for more details.

Update: The Bamboo option is now available on MotoMaker, and is showing an estimated delivery time of 20 days.

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