Roku 3 lands official YouTube app, support for older boxes could come later

Not having a YouTube app to boast about included in its long list of channel apps has remained a huge problem for Roku. Now that issue is no more as the leading set-top-box has finally gotten its hands on Google’s massively popular video streaming service. YouTube and Roku announced today that the video streaming service will hit all Roku 3 boxes; hopefully with older boxes to get in on the action soon as well.

Before this, many Roku owners had to suffer through half-baked unofficial channel apps that weren’t as good but got the job done. However, even those channel apps occasionally got blocked by Google. Now users won’t have to go through the back door for some YouTube enjoyment, now they can finally use the official app.

Furthermore, the official YouTube application also brings some extra fun features, including HD video, “Send to TV” pairing with your phone or tablet and the ability to sign in and access your subscribed channels directly.

This was major on the part of Roku to finally work a deal out with Google to get the service on its boxes, as it was the only real glaring hole in its catalogue. To some, not having an official YouTube app has been a deal-breaker for picking up the affordable streaming box. Adding this further sets Roku apart from its competition.

We don’t have any details on what strings had to be pulled to make this all happen, but it’s great to see it finally done.

Any Roku 3 owners out there? How you liking the new YouTube channel app?

[YouTube Blog; via Engadget]

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