Xbox One delivers the Verizon FiOS app; gamers can now stream up to 74 channels of live TV

Microsoft today released the Verizon FiOS app for the Xbox One. This time around the application brings some new features to most subscribers should enjoy like the ability to stream up to 74 channels of live TV (the amount of channels depends on what package you’re signed up to).

Of course, Xbox One users can use the game consoles Kinect as it is also integrated into to the FiOS app. The Kinect will usher in the same bells and whistles for most of the interaction that come with the game console like gesture controls and the snap feature. However there is a minor setback as the live TV part of the app remains the only thing you can do with FiOS on Xbox One at the moment.

DVR recording for playing things back later is still out of sorts, along with the video-on-demand streaming from the app. This is not a good look for Microsoft as it comes off kind of half-baked. Why even release the Verizon FiOS app when it clearly lacks some of the key components of making it any good? Microsoft was better off waiting to get the kinks worked out, and not push it out undone.

It’s a terrible price to pay for a VZ FiOS subscriber who paid 500 bucks for the Xbox One, plus $10 for a Gold Membership to try to stream on a useless app. We’re sure Microsoft will add this to its long list of things it needs to fix with its Xbox One game console, which comes with the territory of a new product. Early adopters should expect to deal with these kind of annoyances for awhile.

Via The Verge



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