Flipboard for iOS finally lets you share articles via email

Flipboard hits the BlackBerry World

Flipboard updated its app for iOS finally bringing a basic feature most folks using the reading application has waited for: sharing articles by way of email. Now users can send each article to whoever they want, and not be forced to share it publicly on a social network.

The feature has been tweaked in a unique way to fit whatever direction Flipboard is going, as it creates a new section within the app itself. The way it works is folks who receive articles through email from another Flipboard user, get to view it under a “Shared With You” section within the notifications section of the app. That section can also be used to create magazines from friends’ shares:

Go to the Notifications area and tap “View all shared with you” to flip through a magazine of all the articles friends have sent to you. If your friends are prolific sharers, tap “subscribe” to add this magazine to your favorite tiles and Cover Stories.

Unfortunately, the Share With You feature is only available for iOS users at the moment. Not sure when Android users will get the same feature, but we’re sure it can’t be too far away.

Via iTunes Apple Store


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