Nintendo teases Mario Kart 8, set for Spring 2014 launch

Nintendo today showed a brand new trailer of its upcoming Mario Kart 8 game. In the short clip (2 minutes or so), viewers get to see their favorite plumber and company rip it up at a bunch of new racing tracks, including an airport. In keeping up with the anticipation Nintendo offered some comments about the game.

New playable characters include Rosalina and various “Baby” Nintendo characters, like Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. New course settings include an airport, the desert and high in the clouds, and vehicles include UFOs, four-wheel ATV buggies, standard karts and bikes.

One thing Nintendo knows how to do very well is milk every ounce out of its cash cow, which is Mario. At this point, the Mario brand is arguably the single most important thing that is keeping this company functional. We all know this but we still can’t help ourselves when it comes to buying the product, because we love us some Mario — and Nintendo knows it. The hope to play Mario on your smartphone or tablet seems to be such a far and away chance.

Mario Kart 8 is expected to release some time during the spring on Wii U.

Who’s buying?

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