T-Mobile UnCarrier 4.0 Teased By John Legere

T-Mobile isn’t done with bold moves in 2013. According to a tweet from T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere, T-Mobile still has a UnCarrier move hidden up their sleeves. As for what exactly that move could be is anyone’s guess at this point. We’ve heard rumors about a possible T-Mo Dish Network partnership, and that Sprint is beginning the steps to a bid twords the acquisition of T-Mobile. While it would be a bit premature for an announcement involving the alleged Sprint merger, anything is game at this point.

Legere’s tweet takes aim at customer “pain points” and uses the #itsallaboutcustomers hashtag.

T-Mobile’s most recent UnCarrier move addressed tablet data plans, streamlining the billing process and offering programs to help with the purchase of tablet devices. T-Mobile made its first UnCarrier move back in March when it unveiled its no-contract Simple Choice plans.

We’ll ahve to wait and see what Legere and Co. have for us, and we should be seeing it before the new year.


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