Two Types of Robots Google Could Make

Two Types of Robots Google Could Make

Google has acquired Boston Dynamics, and you may’ve wondered what kind of robots the search giant plans to work on. We were asking ourselves the same thing and while we couldn’t get all the answers, we thought we could speculate in the meantime. In particular, we thought that Google will use the newly acquired talent and technical know-how to make two kinds of robots:

1. Delivery robots

We know that Amazon is already working on something like that with plans to launch 30-minute PrimeAir deliveries in the some 3 years time. And just like Amazon, Google also wants to be an infrastructure provider, allowing other businesses to rely on its many platforms to deliver goods and services. By “breaking into the physical world,” it gets yet another advantage against its competitors (like Microsoft and Facebook), while potentially enabling other companies from its eco-system to thrive.

2. Google Now goes physical

Virtual personal assistants are cool, but extending their reach to the physical world would be awesome. Just imagine your very own Google Now bot standing next to you, assisting you whenever needed. It could be able to pick-up your mail and do some of the chores around the house, all while providing you with latest relevant information. Heck, it could “go physical” when you set it to wake you up at a certain time.

In addition, we guess Boston Dynamics’ current military contracts will stay in place, allowing Google to keep financing the newly acquired business without pouring out millions until it breaks even… and breaks into our living rooms.

Now we’re interested to know whether you would like to see some other personal robot from Google. If you have some ideas, feel free to drop them in the comments form below…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Real-life Google Now assistant sounds awesome! 🙂

  • exxens

    I think what Google really wants is to have a Google software embeded within future robots , so robots will be using Google for their knowledge base , image recognition technology , etc .. Google want all future robots to be Google apps ready , I expect to soon see Google robot application available for free , so if u have a robot , just download Google robot and install .. building a software for robots is much more important than building a robot ,

    • Nick V

      The actual physical design of a robot/android is way more important than you think, In the mid to late 80s, my high school started a Robotics division (which my son is now doing at the same high school), and although the software is extremely important, the physicality is beyond what you would imagine.

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